The story of Buddhism and the story of Dakini Mountain has always been a story of possibilities.  What is possible?  Can I really do it?  Who will help me?

Many years ago, the Buddha told us what was possible: freedom from suffering.  He told us that we really could do it and he said he would help. 

It started in a place.  Under the Bodhi Tree, the Buddha meditated and realized enlightenment.  Then he began to teach the Four Noble Truths in a place called Deer Park.

Throughout hundreds of years and from the very beginning of Buddhism, physical places have been pivotal to the flourishing of the Buddhist teachings.  They serve as practical locations for Buddhist practitioners to live, places of study and power centers that emanate intangible yet highly effective waves of awareness to benefit society.

Past examples of places that have been critical in the development of Buddhism include the Bamboo Grove monastery where the Buddha first sheltered with his students during the winter monsoons; the 84,000 stupas built by Emperor Ashoka to establish Buddhism throughout the Indian subcontinent; and Samye, the very first Tibetan Buddhist center, key to the development of Tibetan Buddhism, near Lhasa in Tibet.

In these three examples, the sacred places were funded by kings and an emperor. Other sacred places and temples were funded by patrons, people who cared about the Buddha’s teachings, the teachers and community. Dakini Mountain will be funded by ordinary people, like you and me, who feel a call to make a difference.

Dakini Mountain will be funded by ordinary people, like you and me, who feel a call to make a difference.

Dakini Mountain is a Buddhist retreat, a Yogic Medicine healing center, an environmental leadership site and more. Founded in 2019 by Pema Khandro and Ngakpa International, Dakini Mountain is located on 35 breathtakingly beautiful acres in the Tahoe National Forest of Northern California.

Dakini, a sanskrit word meaning “sky dancer,” refers to the feminine enlightened energy of love that pervades the phenomenal world and is reflected in the innate potential for wisdom and goodness in all human beings.

Looking forward to the post-pandemic re-opening of Dakini Mountain, you are enthusiastically invited to visit.  You might come for one of the healing programs, a Buddhist retreat, a personal pilgrimage, or one of the other offerings that happen at Dakini Mountain.

In the meantime, Dakini Mountain needs your support.  Dakini Mountain was just getting started when the pandemic hit full force.  During the time since, expenses have continued and the need to raise funds to continue the development of Dakini Mountain remains.


The three-fold goal for the Raise the Victory Banner Campaign is to fund the Dakini Mountain project for 2021 and beyond.

Phase 1 Re-Opening – $50,000

Fire Clearance & Critical Needs

Fire clearing and structure hardening:  $15,500

Dakini Mountain is located in California where the fire seasons are high risk. The way to preserve structures in this environment is extensive culling of brush. Thank you for contributing to meet this first goal!

Critical Maintenance, Restoration, Insurance & Property Tax:  $34,500

After fire clearance goals are met, further critical needs will be addressed. In order to complete the initial re-opening of Dakini Mountain and 2021 needs, an additional $34,500 is needed to make sure Dakini Mountain can stay open.

Phase 1 Refinance

$300k + Guarantors to Back the Loan

Guarantors to Back the Loan

An individual or group of guarantors backing $400,000 total – to guarantee the loan by pledging their assets as collateral so that the non-profit qualifies for a refinanced loan. This has minimal risk for guarantors because the loan is guaranteed by the land in an area that the land value has steadily increased and is forecasted to continue to increase. We have one guarantor already and are looking for three more.
Please contact for more information on becoming a guarantor.

$300,000 in donations needed towards the equity.

Phase 2 – $336,000

Building Infrastructure

Dakini Mountain came with significant infrastructure in place such as a magnificent central lodge, an off-the-grid solar electrical system, well and water storage system, roads, barn, and more.  Work to upgrade these facilities has already occurred but more is needed.  Phase “2” Infrastructure includes use permits, expansion for the water and solar systems, camping upgrades, building a teacher’s cabin and building the central Vajrayogini stupa which will become a pilgrimage point for Vajrayogini in the west. 

Phase 3 – $2.2 million

Building Infrastructure

$2,200,000 will take the development of Dakini Mountain to the level of full operations and set Dakini Mountain on a firm financial footing for years to come.

View details of costs and phases of development here: Development Plan

Will you help Dakini Mountain be safe and secure?

Your donations, large or small, one-time or monthly, will help create a vibrant, impactful Buddhist center and help Buddhism flourish in today’s world. Thank you!

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