Dakini Mountain is a Buddhist retreat, healing center and ecological oasis. Founded in 2019 by Pema Khandro, Dakini Mountain is located on 35 breathtakingly beautiful acres in the Tahoe National Forest of Northern California. 

Dakini, a Sanskrit term, refers to the spacious wisdom that pervades the phenomenal world and is reflected in the innate wisdom in all human beings.

Dakini Mountain is a sanctuary for personal and group retreats, weddings, and since 2020 is the home of the Yogic Medicine Institute.

Solitude, time for contemplation, time for deep writing, connection with nature…there are so many reasons to do personal retreat. Time to recover from burnout (or prevent it), requires serenity, space, forest and sky. Let the healing power of nature remind you of who you really are. Be surrounded by endless beauty and remember the goodness of this world. Dakini Mountain Retreat Center hosts private stays for individuals, couples, families and small groups.

Gather in this place of power where indigenous tribes have come together for centuries. Dakini Mountain is the ideal sacred space for your special gatherings, workshops, and team building retreats. Enjoy gorgeous outdoor and indoor accommodations, lounge by the pond, take a short drive to lakes for endless kayaking, tubing, canoeing and swimming. Lovely restaurants are just a short drive down the mountain too!

People say that our integrative healing retreats are “A life-changing transformational experience of healing and restoration.” Visit the Yogic Medicine Institute at Dakini Mountain, a rare place to be nourished by the ancient healing practices of India, China and Tibet. Go solo or in a small group for the ultimate rejuvenation of Ayurvedic Panchakarma, Acupuncture and timeless herbal remedies.

Lamas, Teachers, Scholars & Friends

Offered Blessings for the grand opening of Dakini Mountain in 2020

Jetsunma Tenzin Palmo

His Eminance Gyaldak Rinpoche

Geoffrey Shugen Arnold, Roshi

Ngak’chang Rinpoche & Khandro Dechen

Khenpo Gawang Rinpoche

Venerable Karma Lekshe Tsomo

Namdrolling Monastery

Anne C. Klein & Harvey Aronson

Eijun Linda Cutts

Chodpa Kunzang Dorjee

Sylvia Boorstein

Father Francis Tiso

Tara Singh

Ann Renee Rosencranz

Tata OmeAkaEhekatl – Erick Gonzales

Dakini Mountain Blessings – Long Video

Make a Difference

We can change the world and make very good things happen. Dakini Mountain is calling you to help manifest this project in the making! Closing for the pandemic had a drastic impact on Dakini Mountain and it is now time to recover or lose this project forever. Our goal is to raise $875,000 for Dakini Mountain for critical infrastructure and refinancing by October 31st, 2022. Give Now to Help Dakini Mountain and All Our Projects Continue!

Will you Help Dakini Mountain be Safe and Secure?

Dakini Mountain is at a pivotal time in its development! Your donations, large or small, one-time or monthly, will help create a vibrant, impactful Buddhist center and help Buddhism flourish in today’s world. Thank you!


This is a retreat center devoted to celebrating the divine feminine in the form of Vajrayogini, the Buddhist symbol of wisdom within every being. Vajrayogini is venerated by every school of Vajrayana Buddhism and her symbol is instantly recognizable as a sign of feminine power. To build a pilgrimage site of Vajrayogini in North America is to invoke the healing power of the divine feminine wisdom to protect the earth, promote gender equality and to raise the banner of ethical integrity when the world needs it the most. This commitment manifests in our leadership and organization, Dakini Mountain is a project founded by one of the few female Lamas and Tulkus, Pema Khandro, and the organization is run by three women, guided by the value of equality and inclusion.

In the global West, the feminine is associated with important wisdom qualities that have been underdeveloped – the arts of nurturing, gentleness, interdependence, aesthetic attention, attunement with earth and nature.

In Tibetan Buddhism, the feminine is associated with the highest wisdom, the co-emergence of emptiness and appearances and the naked uncontrived innate wisdom.

Dakini Mountain invokes all these qualities as the wisdom qualities available to all human beings, a way of living in tune with the inner wisdom, learning from the natural world and loving compassion for all beings.

The Non-Profit Organization

Dakini Mountain is also part of a network of project founded by pioneering Buddhist scholar, Lama and tulku, Pema Khandro. Its goal is to support a return to being in nature, healing in nature and to rediscovering innate wisdom.

Ngakpa International

International association of Buddhist Yogis. Wisdom for work, family and society.

Buddhist Studies Institute

Online resources and training for Tibetan Buddhism.

Pema Khandro

Teacher, scholar and founder of Ngakpa International and its projects.

Dakini Mountain Retreat

Meditation and Healing Retreat in the Tahoe National Forest.

Yogic Medicine Institute

Health and wellness programs based on Eastern medicine.

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