Who are we? Our Mission:
Dakini Mountain is a project of Ngakpa International. We are an international association of Buddhist Yogis founded by Tibetan Buddhist teacher, scholar, and humanitarian, Pema Khandro.

Our vibrant community trains in the philosophy and practices of Tibetan Buddhist Yogis, the non-celibate, life-embracing path of Tibetan Buddhism – where deep spiritual work is balanced with family, work and community.

The emphasis of our practices are simple, direct experiences of wakefulness and ease. We explore the practical application of Buddhist wisdom in the modern context, with a specialty in integrating Buddhism wisdom with a dynamic, complex life.

We also emphasize nourishing body-mind vitality through natural medicine – embracing Buddhist wisdom as applied and embodied.

We are dedicated to providing accessible, in-depth Buddhist education for students, teachers, and leaders.

The tone of our community is serious study with a non-sectarian spirit, in an atmosphere of joyous, down-to-earth warmth and kindness. We favor a non-dogmatic approach to exploring Buddhist resources with an emphasis in the value of questions, doubts, diversity, and contradictions.

Our Activities include community-led meditation classes, group retreats, ongoing online courses, and a seminary for advanced study.

Our Projects include an online school of Buddhist Studies, a natural wellness clinic, a mountain retreat center and a residential urban center, research to preserve the history and culture of Buddhist Yogis, support of Ngakpa schools worldwide and sponsoring orphans in the Himalayan border regions.

Our Values: Above all, Buddhism’s goal is to become a wakeful, ethical, and compassionate human beings. We believe spiritual awakening goes hand in hand with unraveling the roots of racism, sexism, homophobia, and bigotry of all kinds. We are committed to ecological sustainability. We interpret Buddhism through Dzogchen – which sees every being as equal and endowed with buddha-nature.

Our current fundraiser is to sustain our retreat center dedicated to restoring natural wisdom and vibrance to body and mind. This project is called Dakini Mountain.

Our Websites:

Mailing Address (and where checks may be sent):
Ngakpa International, PO Box 2396, Nevada City, CA 95959